CAMP Award


A large full size projection of Darren Collins in an architectural mapped space under the stairs of the basement Gallery space. An Audio scape single Channel on loop. A video work on a 42 inch monitor on loop next to the projection mapped


Under the stairs of the Basement Gallery in the National Museum of Ireland, Mayo.

Outline of the work:
Iam is a video and sound installation that resulted from the collaboration between Darren Collins, a Traveller and LGBTQI+ activist, and visual artist and LSAD undergrad Bríd Murphy. This work aims to address the challenges that arise from identifying with multiple minority identities and the complex dynamic of identifying as LGBTQI+ and Traveller. The project  is an ambitious multiscreen video work with sound that conveys the lived experience of Darren Collins presented in a complex multiscreen video installation that temporarily in-CAMP’s itself as an intervention in the museum architect. Brid Murphy & Darren Collins have developed a sensitive installation where by Collins is projected in full height, facing the viewer at eye level as a space to mediate equality and strength in the presentation of a beautifully honest account of his personal experience as a young LGBT Minceir man.



The suicide rate among the Traveller community is at epidemic levels, with a suicide rate that is six times the national average. Being a member of the LGBTQI+ community further increases the risk of mental health issues. This collaboration deals with Darren’s own experience as a gay Traveller man, using the mouth and the lens in equal measure to convey this highly charged and emotional account of a brave mans journey to self acceptance and pride. Since coming out to his family four years ago, Darren has spent his time raising awareness and acting as a voice and advocate for his community, a group that may not always have the agency to speak out themselves.